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servus miteinand,

lyoner, rauchspeck, vier käsesorten, antipasti und ein leichtes weinchen - ich merk schon, die heimfahrt läuft ähnlich kräftezehrend wie das wochenende... :-)

schee wars mit euch!

hoffe, mann/frau sieht/hört/liest sich wieder!

einen guten pfad wünscht euch weiterhin der jojo, der euch alle lieb hat!

Allzeit bereit!


JoJo (BY) 

04.12.2005   20:49:20

Gut zu hören, dann kommt mein persönlicher Spam hier besser zur Geltung :-)

Ha nu mau wöue e ganz e grobe Rovergruess a aui hingerlah, ha nech scho lang nümmi gseh u fröie mi dämentschprächend ou scho wi blöd ufe nächscht Alass (was o immer dä wird sy :) ). Häbits schön, blybet suber u sowieso: bewusst handle ;-)


Yoli Schuler / Snüfi 

10.09.2005   00:21:36

Das Gästebuch hat jezt eine Codeverifikation um Spam einzudämmen.  

Urs M. Heer / mad 

05.09.2005   22:07:04

Schade, dass in letzter Zeit das Gästebuch mehr für Werbung als für ein freundliches HALLO genutzt wird...

Ciao zämä, ich hoffe ihr seid alle fit und zwäg. Ich beschäftige mich gerade mit der Haupttätigkeit eines Studenten... ;-) nö, nicht rumhängen. Lernen, dänks, hab morgen Prüfung.



28.06.2005   19:27:23

Good morning to everybody,
we are the Group Genoa 3 and we invite you and all your group to our incredible International Bivac, free, in May 2005. If you are interested but you are not able to come this year, don´t worry and write us at the same. You will be considered for the next year and you will be informated in time.
If you are able to come this year, come on: take all your stuff, a tipical dish of your country, the money for the trip and nothing else. For everything else we will organize a beautiful three-days event in Italy, near the sea, near the mountains, near the scout internationality! We are waiting for you. Be prepared! Don´t miss the time!
That´s it our invitation:
After the fantastic experience of the International Bivac "On the tracks of Desiderio" in May 2004, happening more than 200 scout, members of the groups Bologna 10, Milan 9, Pavia 1, Poirino 1, Racconigi 1, Saint Blaise (CH), Saint Lucido 1, Thiene 1, Turin 9, Turin 11, Trieste 6, our group Genova 3 will remake a Bivac International, free and opened to all the scouts, in May 2005.
The aim is creating one more possibility for visiting the city of Genoa, European Capital of the Culture in 2004.
It will be an opportunity for living the scout´s way of life not only as an international experience but also as a cultural experience, visiting Genoa, restyled for the year of the Culture.
That´s it the program of the bivac:
VENERDI´ Arrival in the afternoon - Assembly tent - Supper of galley (dish warmth of galley + typical plates capacities from everyone of you) - Fire of welcome bivac.
SATURDAY Breakfast of galley - Visit to the city (played with hunting to the treasure) - Lunch of galley - Visit to Museums or Aquarius - Return to San Desiderio and break prepared from us - Nigthy Processione for the patronale festivity - Party in public square with local typical products for all.
SUNDAY Breakfast of galley - Visit to the places of San Desiderio -Celebration solemn for the day of San Desiderio with the Bishop - Lunch of good bye - Departure.
You don´t have any cost, but just the travel is to pay by yourself, therefore like the native food to share with everybody the first evening!

Communicate the news to all the groups of your country and your Zone.
For other informations and communications, but above all for registrations you could contact us to or .
Group Scout Genoa 3° - AGESCI Liguria
For informations you can visit the website:  

Group Genova 3 

14.02.2005   13:52:40

Snüfi is die Beste  



09.02.2005   17:52:40

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